Nothing stays

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Temporary, temporary, temporary!

This is the truth.

Everything in this life and world is temporary for nothing is meant to stay. Relationships, wealth, happiness, sadness, love, care, life and problems; everything is just temporary. I didn’t ever feel this word so deeply as I do it now. Things that I thought will stay for eternity, slip through my hands and I am but a helpless spectator, who is living the already designed life. I was never quite good with friendship, love, care and other emotions. These things never stayed too long. I never understood them, evaluated them and felt them too much. They just drift like a shadow in the dark, never to be found again. 

Things change and it is rightly said that “Change is the only constant”. I can feel it now. I almost though that my life was complete, that I had nothing to mourn over, to cry over. But now things are different. I invested too much in something that was never meant to stay and now there is a void, a void too deep to be filled. But there is nothing in my power. I can’t change what happened but yes I can choose the things that are to happen in future. It is my life, why should I let someone influence it in a bad way.

People never adjust too well to the changing circumstances, they never accept that things will always be this way now. The truth is too much for them, for the loss of certain things leave them numb and the dreams that they had decorated so well lie shattered on the floor of reality. I don’t blame them, after all they are just humans. Endurance crosses the level sometimes and the loss is too deep to bear. But what is the fun of mourning over something that was never meant to be yours? Why to wait for something that is never going to happen? Life is too short and we owe certain things to this damn life. We owe it happiness, a smile, contentment and patience. 

Live! For there just one life and people come and go. what matters is that the loved ones still live in our hearts. They aren’t separate, they aren’t too far. They stay close, closer than your heartbeat. You have given them a room in your heart and their essence will always stay. 



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There are certain things in life that hold us back, they act like anchors.

We try hard to move on but we can’t. These anchors keep pulling us back, dragging us to the same place from where we wished to evolve, to move on. We try hard to gather our broken pieces but we realize it too late that the same pieces have broken so many times that they have shattered now. Life is never fair to any one, it treats us differently, it tests us differently and it hurts us differently. We are left with scars and soon as they try to heal up we scratch them mercilessly. We don’t let them heal, because memories are monsters and they devour us slowly till there is nothing left to mourn over. 

We pass through a thousand phases and leave a million chapters behind but there are certain chapters on which we get stuck. We re-read them a zillion times, unable to accept the truth, unable to understand that this phase is over and no matter how hard we try things aren’t going to get back to normal and that every scars isn’t going to heal.

I am a blunt person, I don’t satisfy souls with hollow and feeble consolations. Things aren’t going to get better my dear, you just adjust. Time never really heals anything. Maybe it helps you forget something partially but there in no way where you can completely unfeel or unlove somethings or somebody. But what power do you have over something that has already happened, why to mourn over something that was never yours? We should always try to adapt with something over which we have no power. Regretting over some silly mistake is not an option. Take a lesson from the same and get along.

Anchors are poison. They kill you slowly. Drag you to the same place from where you had come with much strength. They exhaust your struggle, your hard work your courage. Move on to a better phase, to a new chapter where your wishes come true, where you see all those scars as souvenirs, where you can tell yourself with confidence and courage that:

“Beautiful human:

You have faced the storms and hurricanes. You have struggled with the daunting waves of the destiny. You have passed all of them with courage and finally arrived on the shore alive. In your soul reside treasures of endurance lessons. So cheer up beautiful human you have finally pulled off the anchors and set yourself free to fly high.”



One Day !

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They all said it will be okay someday, that this pain will fade and the mornings will again be bright and beautiful. But it has quite never been the same since this world left me broken and robbed me off my happiness. I always wake up full of spite for this world and the people who wear masks every time they are around you. The worst thing is that we are so poor at judging these people that we let the barriers of our hearts down and let them in. All this treachery taught me a million things, made me a better human and I understood that in this world it is so important to feel and to hold on to the true essence of emotions. No matter what, this world is going to break us and tear our souls apart but one thing that we shouldn’t let it take from us is the hope for a better tomorrow, the faith that it will be all okay one day. We have got to hold onto our pieces so tightly that we can stick them together and rise a new.

It has been quite a while since I have come in terms with my true self. Some years back I was too weak and too fragile to handle myself but then I understood that if it is not me who is going be my own saviour than no one will. People are too busy in judging others, hating them, using them, manipulating them. They are too weak to love and it seems that this whole world doesn’t know the true essence of love. They always tell me that I am an emotional fool and I give in too easily but I guess this is what first broke me and then re-built me. It is completely okay to feel too much, to love too deeply, to be hurt and to be broken. This is what makes us a human. Being emotional is not a fatal flaw it is the beauty that they fail to recognise.

This absurdity in my thoughts and the chaos that they create just want to convey that no matter how dark it is and no matter how much they have broken US. But one day it is all going to be okay, that yes one day this will all fade into oblivion, that all the scars we carry will be the souvenirs of the battles we fought and won. One day the mornings will again be bright and happy and that one I will too wake up with lots of love and happiness in my heart, that this spite will one day turn into the garden of love. Everything that has ever happened will turn into lessons that we will always cherish.

One day we all will reach this “One day” for there is always a hope for such one day. we will never give up and never lose faith for we should belive that we are far more worthy than this whole damn world tell us we are. No matter we will break everyday but we willl never let ourselves shatter. We will never give this world the satisfaction of a win.

They will never win. We are not going to let them.