Nothing stays

Temporary, temporary, temporary!

This is the truth.

Everything in this life and world is temporary for nothing is meant to stay. Relationships, wealth, happiness, sadness, love, care, life and problems; everything is just temporary. I didn’t ever feel this word so deeply as I do it now. Things that I thought will stay for eternity, slip through my hands and I am but a helpless spectator, who is living the already designed life. I was never quite good with friendship, love, care and other emotions. These things never stayed too long. I never understood them, evaluated them and felt them too much. They just drift like a shadow in the dark, never to be found again. 

Things change and it is rightly said that “Change is the only constant”. I can feel it now. I almost though that my life was complete, that I had nothing to mourn over, to cry over. But now things are different. I invested too much in something that was never meant to stay and now there is a void, a void too deep to be filled. But there is nothing in my power. I can’t change what happened but yes I can choose the things that are to happen in future. It is my life, why should I let someone influence it in a bad way.

People never adjust too well to the changing circumstances, they never accept that things will always be this way now. The truth is too much for them, for the loss of certain things leave them numb and the dreams that they had decorated so well lie shattered on the floor of reality. I don’t blame them, after all they are just humans. Endurance crosses the level sometimes and the loss is too deep to bear. But what is the fun of mourning over something that was never meant to be yours? Why to wait for something that is never going to happen? Life is too short and we owe certain things to this damn life. We owe it happiness, a smile, contentment and patience. 

Live! For there just one life and people come and go. what matters is that the loved ones still live in our hearts. They aren’t separate, they aren’t too far. They stay close, closer than your heartbeat. You have given them a room in your heart and their essence will always stay. 


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