There are certain things in life that hold us back, they act like anchors.

We try hard to move on but we can’t. These anchors keep pulling us back, dragging us to the same place from where we wished to evolve, to move on. We try hard to gather our broken pieces but we realize it too late that the same pieces have broken so many times that they have shattered now. Life is never fair to any one, it treats us differently, it tests us differently and it hurts us differently. We are left with scars and soon as they try to heal up we scratch them mercilessly. We don’t let them heal, because memories are monsters and they devour us slowly till there is nothing left to mourn over. 

We pass through a thousand phases and leave a million chapters behind but there are certain chapters on which we get stuck. We re-read them a zillion times, unable to accept the truth, unable to understand that this phase is over and no matter how hard we try things aren’t going to get back to normal and that every scars isn’t going to heal.

I am a blunt person, I don’t satisfy souls with hollow and feeble consolations. Things aren’t going to get better my dear, you just adjust. Time never really heals anything. Maybe it helps you forget something partially but there in no way where you can completely unfeel or unlove somethings or somebody. But what power do you have over something that has already happened, why to mourn over something that was never yours? We should always try to adapt with something over which we have no power. Regretting over some silly mistake is not an option. Take a lesson from the same and get along.

Anchors are poison. They kill you slowly. Drag you to the same place from where you had come with much strength. They exhaust your struggle, your hard work your courage. Move on to a better phase, to a new chapter where your wishes come true, where you see all those scars as souvenirs, where you can tell yourself with confidence and courage that:

“Beautiful human:

You have faced the storms and hurricanes. You have struggled with the daunting waves of the destiny. You have passed all of them with courage and finally arrived on the shore alive. In your soul reside treasures of endurance lessons. So cheer up beautiful human you have finally pulled off the anchors and set yourself free to fly high.”




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