One Day !

They all said it will be okay someday, that this pain will fade and the mornings will again be bright and beautiful. But it has quite never been the same since this world left me broken and robbed me off my happiness. I always wake up full of spite for this world and the people who wear masks every time they are around you. The worst thing is that we are so poor at judging these people that we let the barriers of our hearts down and let them in. All this treachery taught me a million things, made me a better human and I understood that in this world it is so important to feel and to hold on to the true essence of emotions. No matter what, this world is going to break us and tear our souls apart but one thing that we shouldn’t let it take from us is the hope for a better tomorrow, the faith that it will be all okay one day. We have got to hold onto our pieces so tightly that we can stick them together and rise a new.

It has been quite a while since I have come in terms with my true self. Some years back I was too weak and too fragile to handle myself but then I understood that if it is not me who is going be my own saviour than no one will. People are too busy in judging others, hating them, using them, manipulating them. They are too weak to love and it seems that this whole world doesn’t know the true essence of love. They always tell me that I am an emotional fool and I give in too easily but I guess this is what first broke me and then re-built me. It is completely okay to feel too much, to love too deeply, to be hurt and to be broken. This is what makes us a human. Being emotional is not a fatal flaw it is the beauty that they fail to recognise.

This absurdity in my thoughts and the chaos that they create just want to convey that no matter how dark it is and no matter how much they have broken US. But one day it is all going to be okay, that yes one day this will all fade into oblivion, that all the scars we carry will be the souvenirs of the battles we fought and won. One day the mornings will again be bright and happy and that one I will too wake up with lots of love and happiness in my heart, that this spite will one day turn into the garden of love. Everything that has ever happened will turn into lessons that we will always cherish.

One day we all will reach this “One day” for there is always a hope for such one day. we will never give up and never lose faith for we should belive that we are far more worthy than this whole damn world tell us we are. No matter we will break everyday but we willl never let ourselves shatter. We will never give this world the satisfaction of a win.

They will never win. We are not going to let them.



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