When silence spreads around my mind,
A short calmness with cries echoes
Your name repeated like a verse untouched
My breaths conspire against my breaths.
Like a flower waiting for that life-giving dawn
I long each day for the dew of your love.
With freckles around my neck and feet
I shudder like a fish deprived of water. 
I wonder if you ever would know this pain?
I wonder if you would ever cross my way?
This world is so small and roads connected
yet I wonder why don’t our roads cross?
This waking dawn and setting sun
leave me with stories so long,
with no you to share them with
they seem like haunting me all.
I could have asked for you in my prayers,
but I know you were never meant for me.
With all these broken pieces in the lap of my life
I will wait for you until the end and forever.




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