Power of love….

I found the tracks in the deep snow between the trees and then they were gone.

I sat there on the snow and thought for a while,”What could it be that is gone with just a blink”. I stood and ran through the dark woods with huge canopies, searched with all my strength the root of the tracks but couldn’t find a thing. The huge forest echoed with cries, those strange cries which always frightened me in my dreams. Goosebumps all across my skin made me look even horrible. Still I went on searching for that thing that was still a mystery. I heard a strange voice calling to me, frightening me and at the same time soothing me “Are u searching for me”, it whispered slightly in my ear. This strange voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t recall whose voice it was. I ran and ran till ma feet hurt and started to bleed. It was dark all around I couldn’t even see my blood which turned snow from crystal white to deadly red. I couldn’t find my way back to my safe place where I lived without any fear but still I tried and then again failed. I found no one around who could lead me back to light and I couldn’t even ask for help. I took a few steps and made a brave move” Is any around to help me” I said. It was not a cry but yes a good attempt. And there came the reply “u can’t run away from me”. It sounded horrible “Is it a ghost, a spirit or something else. Is it the root of the vanishing track?” I thought. Oh my god! I couldn’t figure out anything, I couldn’t even say, was is it a IT or a HE. I was terribly frightened,“ who are u and what do you want?” I managed to question. Then it replied in a second, just like it managed to disappear its tracks with a blink” I am the one whom you long for, I am the one who shares your heart, I am the one Samantha”. “Oh my God! It, no no, he knows my name” it was the one horrible thought that ran across my mind. I didn’t knew what he was talking about but yes I knew that he sounded like someone I dearly loved, oh yes! I loved someone for years I always felt his presence near ma pillow but could never figure out who he was. May be this strange voice was him but how can it be, it is appearing from nowhere.

I took a few heavy steps, still lost in my thoughts, my foggy memories and tried to recollect my past but couldn’t get a clue. Suddenly a shock ran through me and again I found myself in the dark but now it was slightly different… Path! I exclaimed. But then when I looked keenly it was not the path or my way back, it was light, like the one on the red carpet. There stood a shadow, which was hurrying towards me. I couldn’t figure out the face because it was illuminated by intense light. I couldn’t even guess was it the man of my dreams or my God, blessing me with His presence. He ran towards me and then hugged me tight, I could feel his tears on my bare shoulder, the warmth of his breath and his intense love for me. Then I thought” yes, he is the man of my dreams, he is my love!”I was just wondering why I couldn’t see the face and then, aah! He whispered over my shoulder and said softly” oh I love you so much; I couldn’t wait to meet you. You haven’t talked to me from a long time; you haven’t cuddled me like a child. Come back to me I miss you so much. You can’t run away from me because I’m all u posses…”

For a moment everything went dark as if I had found my way back. I breathed heavily and opened my eyes. I found my husband smiling at me and saying” welcome back my love, I knew u would make it through” I found myself laying in a cozy bed and later on came to know that I woke up from a 1 year long comma. The power of my love had helped me find the missing “tracks in the deep snow between the trees…” Image

© aimanpeer 2013
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